Song Kitae

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Song Kitae
Bioinformatician, Ph.D
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    Seoul, Korea
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R & Shiny

Web-Page | app development


plant UR

I am interested in ultradian rhythms triggered by excision. I found a positive link between the ultradian rhythm and de novo root regeneration. Here, the page sharing the results, including gene expression.


The "wavelet" is a great tool but is not accessible without R and MatLab. I made the "wavelet" page used R and shiny. Now, my team can calculate rhythm using wavelet tools, without proficiency in R and MatLab

NGS on web

RNA-seq data have too much information to access to the general public. I considered the way people easily see each gene expression from RNA-seq without any tools.

WordPress is an excellent tool for making homepages. I'm very proficient in creating a web page on AWS, Azure, and local server, using WordPress, apache, and Nginx. This page is my cv for those who are interested in me.


My friend is a good musician and an excellent teacher for who want to learn music. I suggested the homepage to advertise him. Nowadays, The musical studio "DIVO" is rapidly extension by the homepages.